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Hi I'm Gyles and I'm the founder of Fitbot. Fitbot is a Personal Training service based in Lewes. Individuals of every age and fitness level come to us for help with Weight Loss and Toning, Rehabilitation through to Strength and Sports Specific Fitness. 

Why I Set Up Fitbot?

I founded Fitbot  because of my own passion for and relationship with Health and Fitness. I had to fit training for 100km Ultra Marathons, other Endurance events and various other sports around a busy Media career in London, so I know first hand what challenges this can throw up. I also understand the enormous benefits it can have on every aspect of your life - mentally and physically. I'm now loving the challenge of helping others reach their fitness goals, whilst continuing with the general ‘busyness’ of every day life.
Training and staying completely in touch with the latest developments in Health and Fitness are really important to me, I want to ensure I deliver the best and most up to date service to all my clients whatever their needs. I'm a REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer , Boxercise Instructor, Kettle-bell Instructor and QA Level 2 First Aid.

What To Expect

Fitbot Personal Training is purely focused on delivering the best possible session for you, you're in a class of 1. Everyone has different goals, getting in the best shape possible for a wedding or holiday, quickly returning from injury, through to hitting target times for triathlons and marathons. There are also those that love to train for the love of exercise and the de-stressing, energising feeling it gives them. We also train clients in pairs if they choose to do so, some people like the morale support, or competitiveness, of working with a ‘Buddy’

We are serious about what we do, that’s why we get results, but it is essential you enjoy it along the way. Fasting, and quick fixes do not promote long lasting changes. We are focused on helping individuals achieve permanent change and encouraging them to make exercise and healthy living part of their everyday routine. We may work hard, we ask you to be committed, you may sweat a little along the way! We won’t shout at you, our approach is based on encouragement and guidance. From past experience the change you are looking for will not happen unless you find the sessions engaging and rewarding, that’s why every session will be different…..it’s also important to surprise your body with something new on a weekly basis, it has to learn to adapt to change. 
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Fit in body, fit in mind.


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"Gyles is encouraging & positive, doesn't give me an easy ride but knows how & when to push and when not. I am so far past the point where I would normally have given up, but p/t with Gyles is the one thing that has kept me going and motivated to continue"
Kate, 42