Sticking To A Healthy Plan Beyond January..............

Over the next month a large proportion of society will be on a health and fitness drive. We’re bombarded through Social and other Media outlets with messages about new ‘Quick Fix Diets’, fitness regimes and weight loss programmes. The unfortunate fact is 'Quick Fixes' are not permanent and inevitably lead to failure…… if not immediately, at least within the first three months. 

January is when Gyms make or break their year, this the time they make money..... but the cold reality is that gyms are expecting it’s members to fail. A gym needs a fair amount of space for equipment, changing rooms etc and space is expensive, if all members turned up gyms would not be able to cope with the numbers. The perfect gym member is the one that intends to workout but doesn’t, therefore subsidising the few that continue going throughout the year. The fact is 30%+ of new gym members give up within the first 12 weeks.

The same applies to Supplements and Fad Diets, these companies rely on repeat business, they need your custom the following January! Generally cutting out meals or replacing meals with supplements leads to individuals feeling tired and sometimes quite ill. This is a problem as that individual now associates healthy living with a negative feeling. You should be feeling great, energised and full of living with a healthy diet not ill! If what you are looking for is healthy living there are no short cuts, it’s a lifestyle not a 12 week programme.

So why do people fail to maintain a Healthy Lifestyle with these type of approaches??The following Timescale often applies:

Month 1 & 2 - You hit your target weight…..Great, mission accomplished. Stop the fasting diet, back to normal….the weight goes back on plus a couple of extra pounds.

You make it to Month 3 & 4 - Your weight plateau’s, you get bored and bad habits start to creep in, the weight starts to creep up and you’re back in the cycle of fad diets and bursts of activity.

Beyond Month 4 - This is a good place to be, this indicates that your regime is working and is becoming your new lifestyle.

There are a number of triggers that can cause the demise of a well intended ‘New You’ - Stress at work or home, Boredom, Sadness….it’s often a negative feeling that will push you back into bad habits. Bad eating, smoking, drinking are seen as a way of making things better….relieving stress…..and they may for a few minutes, but after a short while they will make any bad situation or feeling 10 times worse. Coping with difficult situations at home or at work is far easier when you’re feeling healthy, you have a clear mind, you probably make better decisions and you’re generally in a more positive mood! 

Here are number of points that could help you reach your goals and more importantly stick with a new, healthier way of living:

1. Identify your trigger, what is it that makes you reach for Cake! Ask yourself whether you are really hungry or need a drink and will you feel better for it. Substitute the old negative habit for a positive new one. Cake for Fruit or £5 in the pot for a new pair of shoes rather than a pack of 10….…reward yourself for being good

2. Get some company - Go to the gym with a partner or join a class, motivation and support is key to ensuring there is longevity with your exercise plan. Let your family know what your goals are and make sure they buy into them, it’s easier to cook and live healthier if the whole household is on board.

3. Keep it varied - This goes for food and exercise. Boredom is one of the main reasons people give in. In addition, if you consistently carry out the same exercises week after week your body will stop re-acting and changing, you need to keep surprising it.

4. Don’t beat yourself up if you fall of the wagon occasionally. Do what you can but most importantly keep it going.

5. Set yourself fitness goals - Get a Fitbit and count your steps, download and try the Couch to 5k App...... It shouldn’t all be about weight.

6. Plan your week like you would plan a working day or your Social Life. Diarise your workout - when is it, what are you going to do? What’s your meal plan for the week?

7. If you are not keen on training in groups invest in a Personal Trainer. A good PT will provide you with a tailored approach which is specific to your goals, they'll also ensure you get a good variety of training plans and most importantly will deliver much needed encouragement and advice

Exercise and eating healthily go well together, one often leads to the other. If you’re not eating well you probably won’t feel like exercising and you don’t have the right fat burning fuel in your body to help you generate the necessary energy.

Eating well and exercise are not punishments, they should be enjoyed, it’s the only way they will become part of your lifestyle……Invest in the long-term…..

What will you get from your new Lifestyle:

  • An improvement in mood

  • You’ll get less colds and bugs

  • More energy

  • Loose weight - if that’s what your looking for

  • Increase your chances of living longer

  • A better chance of avoiding longer term health diseases

  • Perform better at work and at home!

Author: Gyles - Personal Trainer at Fitbot in East Sussex
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Bedtime Benefits

There’s no debate - A good nights sleep makes you feel better. Getting enough sleep is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and can benefit your heart, weight, mind and more.


Unfortunately sleep is an element of a healthy lifestyle that is often neglected; it gets in the way of a busy day….how are you going to burn Calories if you’re sleeping?? This type of thought process ignores the fact that our bodies are active machines….especially when we sleep. 

The body repairs itself when sleeping, it needs energy to carry this process out and that’s when you start to tap into those fat stores to help fuel the process.


Our bodies are designed to wake and fall asleep at sunrise and sunset. Photoreceptors in the eye pick up light and send signals to the brain, these then pass from the brain to the adrenal glands which then drip feed cortisol and adrenalin into the blood gradually firing up the bodies systems ie the heart rate slowly increases along with increased function of the respiratory system.

Later in the day when the Cortisol and adrenalin levels dip, the Human Growth Hormone (HGH), along with Melatonin, rises, which promote growth and repair.


Back to reality…….The alarm goes off, you hit snooze. When you do gather the ‘Energy’ to get up you feel sluggish and tired. You have a coffee that artificially stimulates cortisol and adrenalin. The coffee wears off after an hour so another hit is needed - A pattern is set for the day where your body is being artificially ‘jacked up’ on a regular basis, as a result HGH and Melatonin struggle to rise. In addition, blue light from TV’s, laptops and phones help adrenaline and cortisol remain at a high level in the body. All of which leads to a bad nights sleep so the repairing process is poor. You then wake up tired, crave and consume bad food to ‘jack’ the body up…..the cycle starts again!


Prioritising sleep is going to make a huge difference to your energy levels, clarity of thought, mood and motivation.

One good nights sleep is not the answer but there will be immediate improvements. Consistency is the key to making a real difference.


There are a few things that you can act upon immediately to get you started. Here’s a few tips:


  • Sleeping 8 hours a night is the optimum amount for any individual but in reality it depends on the person and their commitments. Aim for an earlier night to see if you can grab that extra hour
  • Avoid stimulants such as coffee from mid-afternoon
  • Relax before you go to bed e.g. stretch, read, have a hot bath
  • Dim the lights prior to going to bed
  • Keep off mobiles / laptops prior to and when in bed. Treat your bedroom as a sleep haven not an extension of the office
  • Make your bedroom as dark as possible
  • Invest in a clock that slowly brightens in the mornings 


Sleep well:)

The Benefits Of Outdoor Winter Training

As we come to officially the last day of Summer, the nights draw in and the temperature drops, the temptation of taking your training indoors builds, but it’s worth stopping for a moment to consider the enormous benefits of training outside.

It’s not just about saving money on an overpriced gym membership, although that could be number one on the list! It’s also about feeling more energised and revitalised when working in the fresh air.....whatever the weather. 


The Sunshine Vitamin

Vitamin D is naturally made by your body when your skin absorbs sunlight, you need the sunshine Vitamin for strong bones and a healthy immune system. A healthy system is needed more than ever during the darker months to fight off those winter bugs.


Improvement In Mental Health

The University of Glasgow conducted research that illustrated a greater improvement in mental health from training outside, in fact it amounted to a 50% greater positive effect than training indoors, participants experienced less anxiety, tension and stress - Fresh air helps release the feel good chemical serotonin. Because of the feel good factor of working outside there is more likely to be an increase in exercise frequency versus the under used gym membership.



Research has shown that children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) have considerable improvement in concentration after taking a 20 minute walk outside. The same theory applies to maintaining focus for adults, if you’re desk bound for 8 hours a day you’re likely to lose clarity of thinking and focus, 30 minutes outside will ensure you re-set your mind. A full workout outside at the beginning of the day will set you up for the next 8 hours.


Combat SAD

Many people suffer, to varying degrees, from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). SAD is exacerbated by staying inside under a blanket, slowing down physically will mean you not only put on the pounds but could also experience the unwanted side effect of SAD. Getting outside in the winter fresh air produces more mood boosting hormones.


Burn More Calories

You burn extra calories by training in the colder weather. Your body has to work harder to keep warm, which in turn means you are burning more fat, you’re challenging your systems which raises your metabolism. Generally speaking battling the elements means you have little choice but to work that bit harder!

I always have a rush of people around May and June that are desperate to get fit for the Summer, while this is possible the guys I have that train outdoors throughout the winter always hit the summer months in the best possible shape they can possibly be.

Maybe start with walking or running outside on a regular basis, feel the benefits and then start moving towards introducing other exercises. 

Once you get used to training outdoors you will start to appreciate all the benefits; The constantly changing scenery versus the Kardashians on a small sweat covered monitor, the soothing feel of the rain versus breathing in the recycled breath of one hundred other gym goers, the money, time convenience, feeling intimidated and more importantly than all the health benefits. 

Motivation can be an issue with exercise but with all the benefits of training outside it may be a little easier to get off the sofa….

Fitbot Boxercise Classes For 19 to 25 Year Old Women - This Girl Can!

Fitbot has won Lottery backing to get young women in East Sussex into sport. This Lottery Funded project encouraging 19 to 25 year old women to take up sport in East Sussex has been launched by Fitbot with Sportivate and is backed by Sports England and Active Sussex. Sportivate is the £56 million National Lottery funded Olympic Legacy that gives 11 to 25 year olds six to eight weeks of hugely subsidised coaching in a new sport, and then helps them to find low cost ways of continuing to play.

If you are a 19 to 25 year old female based in or around Eastbourne, Fitbot Boxercise Classes could be for you. The Lottery Funding enables us to offer heavily subsidised classes, the Course will £24, that's just £3 per session! Classes will be held at the Phoenix Boxing Gym, Langney Road, Eastbourne BN22 8AQ, Commencing on Wednesday 27th July @ 11am and will run every Wednesday for 8 weeks.

If you're looking to sculpt and tone your body then our Boxing Classes are the way forward. No previous Boxing experience is needed, any fitness level is welcome, all you need to do is be prepared to get a bit of a sweat up and have fun in an amazing state of the art gym. Our Boxing Classes are non-contact, from day one we'll teach you good and safe technique so you can enjoy your workout without fear of injury or being punched! 

All you need is comfortable fitting sportswear, trainers and a bottle of water. We'll provide Gloves and Pads, we are also happy for you to bring along your own Gloves if you prefer.

Why Is It Good For You.....

It's a cardio work-out
You may have heard of HIIT training, Boxing fitness is exactly this - high intensity interval training. It is a top to toe work out combining a number of different inter-linked movements. It can be tiring but is totally worth it as it's a cardio work-out that conditions the whole body.

Core Strength
Boxing utilises a lot of power from your hips and waist which is great for strengthening your core muscles. Stabilising your body while throwing punches or holding the pads is crucial, which means your core muscles are always working and your body is firm.

You are always on your toes, you need to move quickly and smoothly, all of which help with your mobility and balance.

To find out more about the benefits of Boxing Fitness check out our blog The Ultimate Fat Burning HIIT Class

If you're interested in taking up the course please get in touch at


You Are Never Too Old To Start Exercising

I always finish Elsie’s Personal Training Session with 15 minutes of Boxing Fitness - Elsie is 70 Years old but likes nothing better than stepping into the ring and pummelling the pads. I'm pleased for Elsie, as 12 months ago she couldn't lift her arm above shoulder height and was about to book in for a relatively major shoulder operation. The real issue was inactivity, she was making a point of not moving her shoulder because it was stiff and painful, other parts of her body started to suffer to because of the inactivity. The answer wasn’t surgery but specific shoulder exercises amongst other strength building movements. Elsie could have easily opted for the operation which would have put her out for another 6 to 12 months and there was no guarantee of a positive outcome.....I understand that Boxing isn't for everyone but more often than not exercise is the remedy. 

The most sedentary of all age groups is the 60 years+ bracket, conversely,  I see more improvement and gains with my clients within that age group and in particular those that have been inactive for years.

There will always be a gradual slow down of the bodies functions, but physical activity can slow that decline dramatically, some might say it’s the miracle cure to ageing! Strong evidence points to a reduced risk of heart disease, mental illness and numerous other illnesses in addition to maintaining independence. Despite this I do hear the same barriers to exercise…… the following could be the top five:

  1. Painful Joints
  2. Lack of Energy
  3. Trouble Breathing
  4. Fear of Falling
  5. Not wanting to go out or leave home

It’s wrong to consider these ailments as a consequence of old age, they are more often than not cured or at the very least improved by increasing activity.

The recommended amount of activity for an individual is a 150 minutes a week. For those that have a base level of fitness and are currently exercising, 75 minutes of more vigorous exercise is as effective as a 150 minutes of gentle activity.
Mixing Cardio and Strength exercises throughout the week will see you reap the most benefit. Cardio can be anything that increases your heart rate, walking, jogging, gardening. Strength exercises are usually resistance based, whether that’s lifting weights or using your own body weight. Strength is usually the area that is neglected, but it is so important as it not only increases muscle strength but also toughens up your bones. As you get older bones can become less dense, hence more brittle, resistance training can combat this. The more tension your muscles are under the more pressures on your bones, as a result they will create fresh bone, making them stronger.
As you get stronger your balance will also improve, in fact it is worth introducing balance specific activities to your routine. Simply standing on one leg while lifting small weights will help with balance, alternatively balancing on one leg at different points in the day while undertaking every day chores will make an enormous difference.

It’s important to use appropriate exercise for your level of fitness, but be sure to challenge yourself, in that way your body will react and get stronger. If possible find a workout buddy or a Personal Trainer, someone who is experienced and can help guide you through a suitable routine.

Exercise can add years to your life and life to your years, so time to start moving and don’t stop!

Can't Exercise Won't Exercise


We've all been guilty of searching for excuses not to workout, but in reality very few of them are valid and are easy to overcome. The desire to search for an excuse can happen at any time, some will find it difficult to get going full stop, they may not have participated in any activity for years and just feel it's too late, they’re beyond the point where they can make a difference. THAT'S JUST NOT TRUE!!
Others have a good week, have a blow out at the weekend and feel that there is little point picking things up the next week as they are back to where they started……again that won't be the case.
But the most common time to search for an excuse is after 3 months of training, this individual is likely to go through the following stages.
Stage 1 - The novelty of going to the gym, running, feels good….. I feel alive! The endorphins are flowing through your system.
Stage 2 - I'm losing weight, toning up, I don't get out of breath when I run up the stairs, I can play football with the kids and not have to stop after 5 minutes
Stage 3 - I've hit my target weight, I can get into my Wedding Dress, I'm ready for my Beach Holiday. Mission accomplished, sit back and enjoy my new found fit, healthy feeling/body.
This is such a shame! This person is there, they've done the tough part, they know how good it feels to feel fit and healthy, they have enjoyed all the positive things that come with that, whether physically and/or mentally. Three months in is the stage you should be making exercise part of your routine, consciously diarise and prioritise it. If you can get through the next couple of months with this frame of mind exercise will start to become second nature, your body will expect and want to be active on a regular basis.

For every excuse not to train there are 10 reasons why you should, here's just a few........

I don't have the time - Prioritise your workout, it's probably more important than that swift drink after work, in fact you could probably fit it in before you have that drink. HIIT classes are now widely available, working hard for 30 minutes is far more effective than floating around a gym for an hour plus. Try joining a class or PT sessions that last 6 to 8 weeks, pay up front, it's easier to commit to a chunk of time rather than committing to a gym membership that has no recognisable end.
Make may have to get up earlier or get home later but it's time well spent, you'll be energised, which in turn means you will make more of your precious time off with family and friends.

I'm not in great shape - Take it easy, there's no pressure. No need to launch yourself into Insanity classes.....walk from the station rather than getting the bus, walk on the treadmill for 10 minutes and try and increase this by a 1 minute each week.....Getting started is sometimes the hardest part but your body will re-act to any form of activity, you will only see progress.

I don't have the motivation - I get this too, but I tell myself I may feel worse before a workout and sometimes during but I've never felt worse after....ever. It's the reverse of drinking, you look forward to having a drink, you feel great while your doing it but you feel worse after. 
Exercise isn't just for your body it works for the mind too. Your brain will function more effectively, any doctor or therapist will tell you that exercise can combat depression and anxiety. Physical Activity leads to the desire to do more, de-motivation disappears.

I'm too old, it's too late - Nope, afraid not. Over 50% of my clients are 60+, these are the guys that are reaping the most benefits from training. You can build strength, burn fat inside and out and improve your balance, all of which will help you enjoy every day that little bit more and for longer! I have two 70 year olds that like to box (not each other) but they can't wait to get the gloves on and attack the bags. Iva Bar ran the London marathon this year at the age of 88, she started running when she was a youngster at the age of 60......It's never too late, exercise doesn't stop working as you get older, in fact it's probably more important than ever.

Something doesn't feel right - I'm not suggesting you train if you're injured, but it is amazing how the mind can effect the body if you're looking for an excuse. You're a very lucky individual if you don't have the odd niggle. The likelihood is you will suffer from more aches and pains if you don't move, bad backs and stiff joints are common place for inactive individuals. I have lots of clients that moan and groan for their first few sessions, this dissipates as the the blood starts to flow and their bodies start to move. My advice would be to test that niggle a little bit, it's more often than not down to inactivity.

I can't afford the gear - Don't buy the latest gear, just make sure it's functional. If you're bothered about having 'the look' buy last years model. I have a favourite make and model of running shoe, buying last years model will save me 50%, there generally isn't any difference in terms of look or performance.

Exercise is boring - Yep can be, but think of the incredible outcomes of doing it, which are not boring at all. There are thousands of different activities you can get involved with. If you don't like the gym don't go. Train outside, get a PT, if they're good they will make each workout different, they'll also keep you motivated. If you've got a short attention span, 30 minute classes are everywhere, most people can maintain their motivation for that long. Unless you're an Ultra Marathon runner exercise is a social activity, get involved with that social side....join a running or walking club.

There are thousands of other excuses from headaches to being too tired, even the weather….but these can all be fixed by doing exercise (maybe not the weather) Don't waste time thinking of excuses not to exercise, spend that time planning your weeks activities.....there's a lot to look forward to.......



Half Marathon First Timer

Here's Bill, he was a non runner 12 weeks ago. Lots of hard work and a carefully planned training regime meant as of today he has the Hackney Half Marathon under his belt in an amazing 2hours 12 mins! Not bad considering the 80F Heatwave.....

NICE ONE Bill !!


Workplace Health Week 23 - 27 May

Following our recent post 'Fitness For Business' Fitbot are now looking forward to partnering Active Sussex for Workplace Health Week. 
Workplace Health Week is a week dedicated to raising the importance of adding activity into and around your working day. Businesses across the country will be encouraged to offer and take part in activities from table tennis in the boardroom to a Midday Mile.
The British Heart Foundation National Centre for Physical Activity and Health revealed that time is the biggest barrier to exercise. Workplace Challenge have been encouraging employers to offer flexible working to encourage employees to get active. So the challenge is for you and your colleagues to hit 150 minutes of physical activity within Workplace Health Week.
If you're an employer think about the huge benefits to your business......higher productivity to lower absence rates....
If you're an employee get your employer to support workplace physical activity! Apart from the impact on the  bottom line, there are Prizes to be Won! From Personal Training Sessions to Group Classes for your company.
The week runs 23 - 27 May, to get involved visit 

Fitness For Business

We were born to move around, unfortunately most careers these days involve being desk-bound for the bulk of the day. Having worked in Media Sales for 15 years I get how pressure and general industry excesses can cause Health / Fitness to be put on the back-burner for a while. In reality, in times of high pressure and 'busyness' your Fitness should be a priority. There are many benefits for individuals and business's if Health and Fitness become central to any Business Culture. Here's just a few..........

Relieve Stress
When stressed at work you will experience an increase in a hormone called cortisol, this effects a Fight or Flight response. The problem is most office based stresses don't require fighting or running, so you need to find a way to clear those chemicals, the most obvious way is exercise. Reducing Stress leads to Clarity of thought, Creativity and Happiness.

We are born to move around not sit at a desk all day. Along with depleting Stress Hormones exercise releases mood-enhancing chemicals known as endorphins - the 'Happy Hormone'. Endorphin release can lead to a number of changes in the body, the main being a feeling of euphoria. A Happy workforce is a productive one.

Group Activities such as Boxcercise or Bootcamps take relationships to a new level, teams find new ways of working together, they build a great feeling of camaraderie

Fit employees have more sustained energy throughout the day, so they will bring the best of themselves to a task whatever time of the day.

Healthy employees are less likely to take sick days

A Good Employer
Employers that encourage fitness demonstrate a concern for their employees well-being. It's well documented that Employees NOTICE when an employer shows concern for their Health. Staff Turnover is significantly lower for those employees who choose to take advantage of Fitness programmes.

There are a hundred other reasons why a Fit and Healthy Company is a better place to work. If you'd like to find out more get in touch at




How To Tackle Your First 10K

The 10k (6.2 miles) is a Classic distance and a brilliant place to start if you haven't run in an organised event previously. You need to be committed to train for a 10k but it's very doable and the training is not too time consuming, so you can continue with everyday life while you prepare. Personally, having something in my diary adds a tremendous amount of focus and purpose to my's great to have a goal. I've certainly found clients that have an 'Event' in the diary to work towards have been incredibly motivated during their PT sessions. Once you've completed your first 10k you'll also have a PB (personal best time) next to your name, so the motivation doesn't stop once the event is over, it continues and your thoughts switch to bettering your PB!

Health Benefits
The health benefits from running are undeniable, from weight loss to through to boosting your endorphin release which will ultimately lift your mood. I did read somewhere that Running is the reverse of feel rubbish while you're doing it but fantastic afterwards! I wouldn't wholeheartedly agree with that statement but there's certainly an element of truth there!

For a beginner 8 to 10 weeks of training will be more than adequate preparation, so long as you are following a schedule that has the right mix of runs, it's more about quality than quantity. Three runs a week will suffice and generally you should split the runs into three types: Easy, Fast and Long. Each of these levels will be dependant on your level of fitness but if you categorise them as follows:
Easy - A Pace you can comfortably do while chatting with a friend, you should feel like you have something in reserve by the time you finish.
Fast - Attempt shorter distances at a pace that's almost slightly uncomfortable, you're going to feel breathless. You can attempt these faster runs as Intervals or Fartleks, where you run fast for a Minute, take it easy for a minute and repeat several times.
Long - Attempt a longer run, it's not your pace that's the important factor, it's about completing the distance. There are lots of Training programmes that follow these type of programmes, a couple of reputable sources being or 
It could also be worth including some hills during your training, they're great for your posture and will also build strength and power. Run up the hills and relax on the way down in order to get the maximum benefit.
As the training schedule is not too intensive you should be left with time to do the activities that you ordinarily enjoy, for example swimming, cycling or circuits and all these type of activities will benefit your running. Many runners just run more to improve there running, this is a mistake; Running is not just about using your legs, it's a full body workout, you certainly need a strong core and upper body to be the best runner you can be, you are also more likely to avoid injury as you will be able to maintain a good running style over a longer period.

Race Day Tips
You will have tapered down your training in the last couple of weeks before the Event, so by the time it comes to Race Day you will have fresh legs which will  be strong from all the miles you have put in.
Here are some handy tips for the day:
1. Know the course, if possible run some of it and at the very least look online, all 10k's will have a course map, it's really helpful to know what's around the corner.
2. Ensure you are well hydrated before the run. Drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water a couple of hours before, during the run just sip whenever you are thirsty.
3. Warm-up. Arrive early and do 10 to 15 minutes of jogging and strides, if you can use part of the course even better.
4. Don't start off to fast! Most are guilty of's better to run negative splits ie start off slow and get quicker, otherwise you could run out of steam very earlier in the race which is very difficult to recover from.
5. Split the course up, focus on each mile rather than thinking about the total distance.
6. Jog for 2 or 3 minutes at the end of race to cool down and then stretch for a good 10 minutes. You'll be in much better shape the next day as a result, in addition you will be reducing the likelihood of injury considerably.
7. Finally, Enjoy it!! It's a great experience and achievement. I gaurantee you'll be back for more :)

Here's two of my favourite 10k's

Boxing Fitness - The Ultimate Fat Burning HIIT Class

Since Fitbot has been operating out of the Phoenix Boxing Gym I’ve been incorporating more Boxing Fitness into Personal Training Sessions to great effect. Boxing Fitness is not about getting in a ring and knocking each other about, it’s a fast paced, non-contact exercise where we use a mixture of Bags and Pads. Anyone can do it, I have clients in their mid 20’s to my 70 year old ladies slipping the Gloves on and they love it equally…..that’s the beauty of Boxing Fitness, it’s so versatile.

Ordinarily when you go to the gym your workout is focused on Strength or Cardio…..Boxing has the benefit of hitting both forms of exercise. In addition the older you get the harder you need to work on your balance and reactions, Boxing also ticks that box.

The buzz word at every gym currently is HIIT training ‘It’s the ultimate fat burning workout!’ HIIT training isn’t a new method of training, Boxing has been around for over 400 years i.e. Bursts of exercise with minimal rest. Boxing dips into anaerobic training, that’s the type of workout that boosts your metabolism and torches fat.

Boxing is great workout for your whole Body. You're on your toes most of the time which means your bottom and legs get the benefit. If you’ve been taught to punch properly e.g. lots of rotation from the hips and lots of calorie burning movement, you’ll see the results on your belly… will be a much flatter one! Don’t worry about bulking up and getting big muscles, Boxing is about repetitive movements, which will leave you lean and toned. Depending on the workout my clients have been known to burn anywhere between 500 to 1000 calories within an hour.

I’m a big believer in variety when it comes to training sessions. Here are two reasons why you need to keep your routine fresh; Maintaining interest / motivation, secondly and probably more importantly, keep surprising your body. It’s amazing how quickly your body gets used to a certain movement and weight, when that happens you plateau. Boxing doesn’t allow this plateau to happen, every punch is different, there are thousands of routines and combinations that will keep testing and improving your body.

Recently Boxing Fitness has been filling the health pages of glossy magazines, it’s not a new phenomenon but it’s fantastic that it’s getting the recognition that it truly deserves as one of the greatest workouts you’ll ever do.

We’ll be starting Boxing Fitness Classes in April to tie in with the Summer Holiday Beach Body Build Up! Get in touch to find out more 

Check out Jo and Bill working the Bag !


A lot of you that have been to the Fitbot Bootcamps will have enjoyed the Energy Bites we have with coffee at the end of the session. They do genuinely give you a burst of energy when you most need it, whether a snack replacement during the day or a quick fix after a tough workout.

Some of you were asking for the recipe, so here you go:

Makes about 20 balls

1 mug almonds (200g)
2 mugs dates (400g)
4 tablespoons cacao powder
2 tablespoons almond butter
2 tablespoons coconut oil
2 tablespoons chia seeds
1 tablespoon flaxeed (with almond/brazil nut/walnut)
1 tablespoon hemp powder

Put the almonds in the food processor for about 30 seconds until they're totally crushed.

Pit the dates and add them, plus all the other ingredients with two tablespoons of water, blend everything again until the mixture is nice and sticky.

Roll into balls and place in the freezer for about an hour, you then transfer to an air tight container and store in the fridge.

There you go......they also last ages so you can make a batch at the start of the week and they will last you through to Sunday. They only negative with these balls is to avoid eating all 20 in one's been done before......