Areas Where We Work

Indoors & Outdoors

Fitbot operates it’s Personal Training Services in Eastbourne, Lewes and surrounding areas. We have the use of Fitness Studios and Gyms in both areas areas all of which are private, so you won’t find other gym goers distracting you!. For those that love the fresh air we deliver Personal Training Sessions outdoors in Parks in Lewes and along the Seafront in Eastbourne. We have our favourite spots along the coast that can still remain private, while also providing an inspiring backdrop to exercise. 

Our indoor Personal Training facilities range from Boxing Gyms to Dance Studios and are centrally based in Eastbourne and Lewes, so easy access from work or home, enabling you to fit your workout into your day rather than fitting your day around your workout.

Personal Training in Eastbourne

Personal Training in Lewes

Fitness For Business East Sussex


Personal Training at Home

For those who prefer to train at Home we are happy to come to you. We generally work within a radius of 30 miles from Lewes and Eastbourne, so any surrounding villages and towns within that radius we would be happy to come and visit you. You don’t need much space for a Personal Training Session at Home, we’ve been known to work within a couple of meters squared! Clients also utilise their gardens for PT, generally in the Spring and Summer….so plenty of options….no excuses!

Training At Work

We also visit business's who place a high priority on their staffs health and well-being. Bootcamps, Personal Training, Desk Ergonomics, Yoga, Pilates and Massage are all part of the offering to Local Business's. Depending on the activity we can utilise your place of business, local parks or studios.

To Suit You

Some clients enjoy the variety of training inside and out (quite often governed by the weather) and some like the privacy of a private gym or their home. So we have plenty of options, we’ll listen and train wherever works for you. 

"Gyles is a really expert personal trainer. He has the skill to know exactly what works and how to get the best out of the hour's session. I always feel confident that his judgement on what I can do is exactly right and I know training with him is doing me so much good. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting help with improving fitness"
Janet Mc Gowan, 60