Personal Training



You're in a class of 1, so we're purely focused on delivering the best possible session for you. Everyone has different goals, we have clients looking to lose weight and tone up for holidays or weddings, clients returning from injury through to triathletes and marathon runners. Or simply those that train for the love of exercise and the way it energises and de-stresses. Whatever you're looking for we'll ensure you stay motivated and progress every week. 

We train in the Soulfit private studio or outside, whichever you prefer.


Personal Training
For Two


You may want to train with a 'buddy' for a number of reasons, whether it be motivation or helping with the cost, either way we offer discounted session rates if you choose to take this route. You'll both still receive bespoke training and a high level of individual attention.


"I trained  with Gyles following several years of poor health in a bid to lose some of the stubborn fat around my middle and generally tone up.What I achieved with his  help was far more than this! Using kettlebells and various bodyweight exercises including  boxing, my overall strength and fitness improved very quickly  in a short space of time. (I would never have managed this on my own)Each workout was thought about and tailored to suit my needs & then discussed which always lead to an energetic and enjoyable workout with useful tips and encouragement from Gyles at all times"
Stuart, 57