I set up Fitbot because of my own personal relationship with fitness and the positive impact it has had on my way of life. I had a pretty demanding job in media for a while, long hours and many work based pressures, but my release was exercise......

I know, first-hand, how difficult it can be to fit exercise around busy schedules, but also understand the enormous benefits it can have on every aspect of your life, physically and mentally.

I have a passion for fitness and have always made time for it, whether training for numerous Marathons and Ultra Marathons, Athletics meets or representing other sports teams around the country.

I'm continually striving to find new and inventive ways for clients to reach their goals, from studying new forms of exercise through to investigating and introducing the latest kit. 

Fasting, crash courses and short-cuts to fitness that shred pounds in days.......do not achieve permanent and positive change. Healthy living and exercise need to become part of the routine of everyday life......something that lasts a lifetime.

My aim is for Fitbot clients to achieve their goals, no question, but they must enjoy it along the way.

The Fitbot Community is a friendly bunch, you should get in touch 


REPS Level 3 Instructor
 • Anatomy and Physiology
• Controlling Exercise Risk
 • Resistance Training
• Cardiovascular Programme Design
• Nutrition
• Group Instructional Skills
• Circuit Training

Boxercise Instructor

 Kettlebell Instructor

QA Level 2 Emergency First Aid

Fully Insured Public Liability

Ultra Marathons
London to Brighton 100km
New Forest Pony Express 60 Miles
Seven Sisters Ultra 34 Miles
4 London Marathon's
Dublin Marathon

Lewes Athletics Club Runner

Numerous Cross Country League Races,
Half Marathons and 10k Road Races




"Training with Gyles helped me enormously to stand a busy and difficult life : it gave me strength and relieved the stress"
Antonella Manacorda - Conductor