Can't Exercise Won't Exercise


We've all been guilty of searching for excuses not to workout, but in reality very few of them are valid and are easy to overcome. The desire to search for an excuse can happen at any time, some will find it difficult to get going full stop, they may not have participated in any activity for years and just feel it's too late, they’re beyond the point where they can make a difference. THAT'S JUST NOT TRUE!!
Others have a good week, have a blow out at the weekend and feel that there is little point picking things up the next week as they are back to where they started……again that won't be the case.
But the most common time to search for an excuse is after 3 months of training, this individual is likely to go through the following stages.
Stage 1 - The novelty of going to the gym, running, feels good….. I feel alive! The endorphins are flowing through your system.
Stage 2 - I'm losing weight, toning up, I don't get out of breath when I run up the stairs, I can play football with the kids and not have to stop after 5 minutes
Stage 3 - I've hit my target weight, I can get into my Wedding Dress, I'm ready for my Beach Holiday. Mission accomplished, sit back and enjoy my new found fit, healthy feeling/body.
This is such a shame! This person is there, they've done the tough part, they know how good it feels to feel fit and healthy, they have enjoyed all the positive things that come with that, whether physically and/or mentally. Three months in is the stage you should be making exercise part of your routine, consciously diarise and prioritise it. If you can get through the next couple of months with this frame of mind exercise will start to become second nature, your body will expect and want to be active on a regular basis.

For every excuse not to train there are 10 reasons why you should, here's just a few........

I don't have the time - Prioritise your workout, it's probably more important than that swift drink after work, in fact you could probably fit it in before you have that drink. HIIT classes are now widely available, working hard for 30 minutes is far more effective than floating around a gym for an hour plus. Try joining a class or PT sessions that last 6 to 8 weeks, pay up front, it's easier to commit to a chunk of time rather than committing to a gym membership that has no recognisable end.
Make may have to get up earlier or get home later but it's time well spent, you'll be energised, which in turn means you will make more of your precious time off with family and friends.

I'm not in great shape - Take it easy, there's no pressure. No need to launch yourself into Insanity classes.....walk from the station rather than getting the bus, walk on the treadmill for 10 minutes and try and increase this by a 1 minute each week.....Getting started is sometimes the hardest part but your body will re-act to any form of activity, you will only see progress.

I don't have the motivation - I get this too, but I tell myself I may feel worse before a workout and sometimes during but I've never felt worse after....ever. It's the reverse of drinking, you look forward to having a drink, you feel great while your doing it but you feel worse after. 
Exercise isn't just for your body it works for the mind too. Your brain will function more effectively, any doctor or therapist will tell you that exercise can combat depression and anxiety. Physical Activity leads to the desire to do more, de-motivation disappears.

I'm too old, it's too late - Nope, afraid not. Over 50% of my clients are 60+, these are the guys that are reaping the most benefits from training. You can build strength, burn fat inside and out and improve your balance, all of which will help you enjoy every day that little bit more and for longer! I have two 70 year olds that like to box (not each other) but they can't wait to get the gloves on and attack the bags. Iva Bar ran the London marathon this year at the age of 88, she started running when she was a youngster at the age of 60......It's never too late, exercise doesn't stop working as you get older, in fact it's probably more important than ever.

Something doesn't feel right - I'm not suggesting you train if you're injured, but it is amazing how the mind can effect the body if you're looking for an excuse. You're a very lucky individual if you don't have the odd niggle. The likelihood is you will suffer from more aches and pains if you don't move, bad backs and stiff joints are common place for inactive individuals. I have lots of clients that moan and groan for their first few sessions, this dissipates as the the blood starts to flow and their bodies start to move. My advice would be to test that niggle a little bit, it's more often than not down to inactivity.

I can't afford the gear - Don't buy the latest gear, just make sure it's functional. If you're bothered about having 'the look' buy last years model. I have a favourite make and model of running shoe, buying last years model will save me 50%, there generally isn't any difference in terms of look or performance.

Exercise is boring - Yep can be, but think of the incredible outcomes of doing it, which are not boring at all. There are thousands of different activities you can get involved with. If you don't like the gym don't go. Train outside, get a PT, if they're good they will make each workout different, they'll also keep you motivated. If you've got a short attention span, 30 minute classes are everywhere, most people can maintain their motivation for that long. Unless you're an Ultra Marathon runner exercise is a social activity, get involved with that social side....join a running or walking club.

There are thousands of other excuses from headaches to being too tired, even the weather….but these can all be fixed by doing exercise (maybe not the weather) Don't waste time thinking of excuses not to exercise, spend that time planning your weeks activities.....there's a lot to look forward to.......