Boxing Fitness - The Ultimate Fat Burning HIIT Class

Since Fitbot has been operating out of the Phoenix Boxing Gym I’ve been incorporating more Boxing Fitness into Personal Training Sessions to great effect. Boxing Fitness is not about getting in a ring and knocking each other about, it’s a fast paced, non-contact exercise where we use a mixture of Bags and Pads. Anyone can do it, I have clients in their mid 20’s to my 70 year old ladies slipping the Gloves on and they love it equally…..that’s the beauty of Boxing Fitness, it’s so versatile.

Ordinarily when you go to the gym your workout is focused on Strength or Cardio…..Boxing has the benefit of hitting both forms of exercise. In addition the older you get the harder you need to work on your balance and reactions, Boxing also ticks that box.

The buzz word at every gym currently is HIIT training ‘It’s the ultimate fat burning workout!’ HIIT training isn’t a new method of training, Boxing has been around for over 400 years i.e. Bursts of exercise with minimal rest. Boxing dips into anaerobic training, that’s the type of workout that boosts your metabolism and torches fat.

Boxing is great workout for your whole Body. You're on your toes most of the time which means your bottom and legs get the benefit. If you’ve been taught to punch properly e.g. lots of rotation from the hips and lots of calorie burning movement, you’ll see the results on your belly… will be a much flatter one! Don’t worry about bulking up and getting big muscles, Boxing is about repetitive movements, which will leave you lean and toned. Depending on the workout my clients have been known to burn anywhere between 500 to 1000 calories within an hour.

I’m a big believer in variety when it comes to training sessions. Here are two reasons why you need to keep your routine fresh; Maintaining interest / motivation, secondly and probably more importantly, keep surprising your body. It’s amazing how quickly your body gets used to a certain movement and weight, when that happens you plateau. Boxing doesn’t allow this plateau to happen, every punch is different, there are thousands of routines and combinations that will keep testing and improving your body.

Recently Boxing Fitness has been filling the health pages of glossy magazines, it’s not a new phenomenon but it’s fantastic that it’s getting the recognition that it truly deserves as one of the greatest workouts you’ll ever do.

We’ll be starting Boxing Fitness Classes in April to tie in with the Summer Holiday Beach Body Build Up! Get in touch to find out more 

Check out Jo and Bill working the Bag !