Before fitbot I was weak enough to twist my knee going through a rail ticket barrier. 4 weeks of training later, I was strong enough to pull a 40 kilo pulk across 100 miles of ice and felt like I was in my early twenties again. Have enjoyed it so much I've kept the training going just to keep feeling good and stop twisting my knee through ticket barriers *

Ed 40, Lewes

Gyles offers gentle but assertive guidance in my pt sessions. I work harder with him on a one-to-one basis than I know I would ever push myself on my own so for that the training is excellent. He also gives a varied workout so it’s never boring and it’s tailored to my own areas of strength/weakness so I get the best work out for me. The sense of pride of getting through a workout is great and Gyles provides encouragement so that you always feel good about your sessions. He has provided information about diet as well and given me a program to follow when I’m on my own so that I keep on track.
The sessions are definitely an investment and when you see the results, and feel as good as you do after, it’s all relevant and worth every penny.*

Nicola 38, Eastbourne


Gyles has a way of gently but ever so definitely persuading me to do exercises that I otherwise would not. Gradually I have found myself becoming fitter and stronger - which, in turn, has given me more focus and clarity in mind - improving my outlook at work and life in general too. I'm addicted. Even if it does mean rolling about in a muddy recreation field, often in the pouring rain, every now and then."*

Mark 40, Lewes


I have trained with Gyles, as my Personal Trainer, for about a year now and my fitness level has improved enormously over that period.  For me, he brings a professional approach to the requirements of my physique and is allowing me to enjoy my life to the full.  That does not mean to say that it has been easy because Gyles has the skill and ability to access my needs for improved mobility and stamina.
I am finding that, whilst the overall level of fitness I now enjoy requires continuing attention, Gyles has the amazing skill to access my needs and to introduce a programme of new exercises and techniques.  He also has the ability to explain why a particular exercise is beneficial and to which range of muscles it applies. I look forward to continuing my sessions with Gyles and have no hesitation in highly recommending his skills and professionalism.*

Diane 70, Seaford


I've always been quite fit & healthy, but never had the will-power to take it to the next level. I started working with Gyles 6 months ago and the results have been excellent. I feel stronger & fitter than ever before and I really enjoy the training sessions. I've also learned a lot more about body mechanics and how to exercise more efficiently which has been a real bonus.*

Myles 38, Lewes


Every PT session with Gyles is interesting, well planned and challenging. Gyles is great at helping me reach the goals I want to achieve with that "you can do that" approach.*

Gail 50, Eastbourne


I started personal training with Gyles a few months ago, and to my surprise I am still continuing this! I have gone from non-exerciser to starting sessions realising how very unfit I was - success criteria was that I didn't die... - to actually quite enjoying them and getting a buzz out of it.  I have muscles now :) I've also never felt 'judged' and that for me is huge. 

Gyles is encouraging & positive, doesn't give me an easy ride but knows how & when to push and when not. I am so far past the point where I would normally have given up, but p/t with Gyles is the one thing that has kept me going and motivated to continue*

Kate 42, Eastbourne